eBook Treasures

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The British Library has launched an ‘eBook Treasures’ series that will allow iPad users to download entire ancient manuscripts and explore them in depth and spectacular high-definition.

Developed with Armadillo Systems, each eBook is said to include in-depth detail about the item such as written, video and audio interpretation. eBooks will be viewable full-screen, with realistic page-turning. They can also be viewed offline. 75 titles will be available over the next two years from the British Library.

The series starts with Leonardo da Vinci’s Codex Arundel (1478-1518). The initial ‘eBook Treasures’ collection will also feature the Mercator Atlas of Europe (1570s). The Codex Arundel and Mercator’s Atlas are available for download globally in Apple iBookstore. Introductory prices are £3.99 for Codex Arundel HD Highlights and £9.99 for the complete version, with Mercator's Atlas priced at £6.99.