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The website for the EasyBib.com online bibliography service, has been redesigned and enhanced. The redesign is said to make navigation more intuitive for students, instructors and librarians.

New features include a large, easy-to-use footer, to navigate to any section of the website, a Google Translate link that allows the site to be read in many different languages and Bubo, the mascot, which will playfully provide updates, says EasyBib. The site’s blog has been redesigned to host fun student-related content, as well as EasyBib updates. The free site also includes advertisements that are claimed to blend well with the rest of the site.

In addition, the iPhone application makes it possible to use an iPhone to quickly scan the barcode of a book and get an accurate MLA, APA, or Chicago- style citation. Also recently added to the site is the Website Evaluation Tool. This shows researchers which resources are the most credible to cite and helps them understand the criteria used to evaluate those resources.