CSA Illustrata

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ProQuest and Springer Science+Business Media are collaborating to incorporate deep indexing from key Springer journals into CSA Illustrata resources. As a result, researchers will soon be able to pinpoint relevant research through indexing of tables, figures, and other illustrations from Springer journals and to link out to the articles in their library’s electronic subscriptions.

‘Biology and environmental sciences are image-intensive fields of study, with researchers extensively relying on diagrams, graphs, maps, illustrations, and visual data,’ said Mark Hyer, ProQuest vice president of publishing. ‘CSA Illustrata provides a useful solution for accessing this information to enhance the discovery process.’

CSA Illustrata’s deep indexing process finds relevant data and research findings by identifying tables, charts and other illustrations from journal articles and indexing them for retrieval through a common search.

CSA Illustrata: Natural Sciences, which was released last year, will soon provide deep indexing for more than two million tables and figures from notable scholarly journals. This summer, CSA Illustrata will be expanded to offer a Technology module, which will cover subjects such as aerospace, engineering, high technology, and materials science.