COUNTER 3 compliance

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RSC Publishing can now provide customers with COUNTER 3 compliant journal usage statistics, thanks to a new service from MPS Technologies.

The objectives of the new COUNTER release are: to improve the reliability of COUNTER usage reports; to provide tools to facilitate consolidation, management and analysis of COUNTER usage statistics; and to improve COUNTER usage reports for consortia.

An important part of version 3 of the Code of Practice for journals is the provision of SUSHI (Standardized Usage Statistics Harvesting Initiative) as a method of delivery, enabling libraries to automate the retrieval of reports into local systems. In addition, consortia administrators can access both consolidated and individual member sites’ statistics.

RSC journal customers will be able to access their reports via MPS Insight, a new service from MPS Technologies for providing usage reports to librarians on behalf of publishers. MPS Insight has been certified as COUNTER compliant by independent auditor ABCe.