ConTech webinar 17 June – 'Finally, Open for Business?'

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ConTech webinar 17 June: Finally, Open for Business? Higher Ed and Accelerated Transformation!

The higher education landscape has been accumulating a variety of structural problems over the last two decades - worldwide. COVID-19 has not started anything new but is rather amplifying these structural problems and accelerating the urgent necessity for a profound transformation. Is technology to blame? Is it salvation? Which are these structural problems and what will the next 10 years for higher education look like?

Dr. Thomas H Treutler has intimate knowledge of this sector, having worked in executive roles, interacting with institutions worldwide. This presentation will take you through a brief analysis of the structural problems the sector is facing, a visualisation of the rollercoaster ride institutions will have to go through over the next years and provide potential scenarios to face the future.

Thomas Treutler is the CSO o Certix, a Florida-based startup that is creating a platform for institutions to avoid fraud in academic titles, using blockchain. Thomas has held leadership positions and advised in diverse industries like education, pharmaceutical, automotive, and finance, driving innovation and growth on a global scale. Sharing his knowledge and experience, he has been teaching Internationalisation Strategies in the MBA program of EAFIT, one of the most prestigious universities in South America, for more than 10 years. Thomas has earned a PhD in nanotechnology at Leipzig University in Germany.

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