The Cerebellum

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Springer and the Society for Research on the Cerebellum (SRC) are partnering to publish the journal The Cerebellum.

This quarterly, international journal is devoted to the science of the cerebellum and its role in ataxia and other medical disorders. Areas of particular interest include fundamental neurosciences (including molecular and cellular biology), behavioural neurosciences and neurochemistry, genetics, fundamental and clinical neurophysiology, neurology and neuropathology, cognition and neuroimaging.

Editor-in-chief Mario Manto of the Université Libre de Bruxelles said, ‘The cerebellum contains more neurons than all the other regions of the brain. As a result of the ageing population, diseases associated with cerebellar dysfunction are becoming more widespread. The Cerebellum offers a forum for the vast amount of scientific research being done in this area. Springer’s publishing expertise will help to further enhance the journal’s profile and availability.’