CABI - Improving Lives Worldwide via Information on Scientific Solutions to Agricultural, Environmental and Public Health Challenges

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Global Health and CAB Abstracts, both produced by CABI, are two of the world's most definitive bibliographic scientific research databases covering the fields of agriculture, environmental sciences and public health.

Global Health was created to ensure that key literature from all sources can be brought quickly and easily to the attention of those working in the field. The database covers all aspects of public health at both international and community levels, as well as a wealth of material from other biomedical and life science fields. From the latest research on infectious diseases, such as Ebola, to related issues of environmental and public health, Global Health provides coverage of the data that researchers need now.

CAB Abstracts is the leading English-language abstracts information service providing access to the world's applied life sciences literature. Coverage includes agriculture, environment, veterinary sciences, plant sciences, mycology and parasitology, food science, human health and nutrition.

Both resources feature links to the corresponding full-text from other sources, making them the perfect one-stop-shop for all manner of related research. Additionally, they are both truly international in scope as they include original content from a wide variety of global sources as well as content translated into English.