Brill Research Perspectives

Brill has launched Brill Research Perspectives, a new collection of review journals in international law, the humanities, and social sciences.

Brill Research Perspectives aims to provide an in-depth introduction to key research areas in International Law, the Humanities, and Social Sciences. Written by top authors in the field, they combine the verification of peer review, high usage of reference works and the pedagogy of textbooks.

Researchers can use Brill Research Perspectives to acquaint themselves quickly with an unfamiliar area without having to sift through a large number of sources. The modular nature of Brill Research Perspectives allows university educators to use these publications for graduate teaching purposes, especially in areas where there is a lack of textbooks.

Each issue of a journal published under the Brill Research Perspectives umbrella contains a single in-depth article of 50-100 pages. Articles are published in real time and authors have the opportunity to make periodic updates. The bibliography of the online article is linked to internal and external sources. The journals are available online on, and in print.


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