Book release: Managing the One-Person Library

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Elsevier has announced the publication of a new book in the area of library and information science. 

Managing the One-Person Library, by Larry Cooperman, is aimed at providing a useful resource for solo librarians confronted with the challenges of running a small library.

Written by a librarian with extensive solo library management in the field, it focuses on topics uniquely encountered by solo librarians, such as IT troubleshooting and library security.

Chapters on library management, collection development, serials management, and library marketing are included to enable solo librarians to easily manage day-to-day operations in these areas, and advise on how to respond to any challenges that should (and will) arise.

Elsevier says the book is 'a much-needed manual that will allow solo librarians of all backgrounds, as well as paraprofessionals, to manage their collections as effectively as their counterparts in larger libraries'.