The BLUEcloud Suite LSP

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Is your library looking for increased stability? Are you looking for easier ways to access your data? Would you like to increase your library’s power through
the cloud?

The BLUEcloud Suite LSP is the next step forward in library automation. BLUEcloud augments your core SirsiDynix ILS with a new administration, acquisition, and discovery system that harnesses the power of the cloud without sacrificing the reliability of your ILS. By breaking down silos, increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and delivering the benefits of modern cloud architecture without a costly migration to an untested ILS, BLUEcloud Suite gives you a comprehensive, next-generation library services platform for the maintenance price of your SirsiDynix ILS.

BLUEcloud Suite includes a number of groundbreaking products to promote patron and library productivity. Concerned about installing each product individually? Don’t worry; BLUEcloud Suite integrates effortlessly with both SaaS and locally hosted systems so there’s no extra work on your part. Each BLUEcloud web client sits on top of your local server, augmenting your current system with cloud-based Staff, Marketplace, and Discovery components. BLUEcloud Staff’s flexible web-based workflows are available anywhere, on any device. While BLUEcloud Marketplace makes it easy to find the resources you need by blurring the lines between content providers and libraries, BLUEcloud Discovery simplifies your patrons’ discovery processes by providing them with powerful, facet-based searching in mobile, desktop, and social clients. By providing your library with the tools it needs at the cost you desire, BLUEcloud Suite is the perfect LSP for every library type.

To find out more about BLUEcloud Suite and its line of products, visit or email info@sirsidynix