Bauwelt Fundamente

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From November 2014, more than 130 titles from the architectural book series Bauwelt Fundamente will be made available for the first time in an online version.

Published since 1963, Bauwelt Fundamente is one of the most comprehensive German-language book series on architectural theory and history as well as urban planning. This digital offering from Birkhäuser will make a number of out-of-print titles accessible again.

Among the out-of-print titles being made available as eBooks are the German versions of Jane Jacob's The Life and Death of Great American Cities, Ebenezer Howard's Garden Cities of Tomorrow, and Aldo Rossi's The Architecture of the City, as well as Julius Posener's Aufsätze und Vorträge 1931-1980 [Essays and Lectures, 1931–1980].
The titles in the book series will be available individually and in a combined package in both print and digital formats. Like all Birkhäuser titles, Bauwelt Fundamente Online will be integrated into the De Gruyter website.