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Learned society owned publisher EDP Sciences has announced the launch of a new multi- and inter-disciplinary open access journal: 4open.

The journal is aimed at promoting excellence and rigour in academic scholarship, disseminating high-quality, original research in all subjects across the STEM domain. EDP says the journal has resolute commitments to academic excellence and the advancement of the four pillars of open science: open access, open data, open code, and open peer review.

For the launch, 4open is partnering with the Theodor-Billroth-Academy (TBA) and International Consortium of Research Excellence of the TBA (INCORE).

Professors Björn L.D.M. Brücher, Elias Brinks, and Theodore E. Simos will lead, as Editors-in-Chief, an editorial board of more than 130 members in 37 countries.

'Developing 4open has been an exciting project for all involved,' said Jean-Marc Quilbé, CEO at EDP Sciences. 'I am glad to see that the hard work has paid off, and I am in no doubt that in the coming years the journal will succeed in establishing itself as a respected voice in the scientific community.'

EDP Sciences is currently in the process of recruiting a steering committee, which will guide 4open on strategy, scientific direction and ethics. The journal is open for submissions.