WLIC delegates learn of impact of Haiti earthquake on libraries

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Delegates at IFLA's recent World Library and Information Congress were shown security camera pictures from the country's national library that captured the Haiti earthquake in January.

The director of the National Library of Haiti, Fran├žoise Thybulle and Elisabeth Pierre-Louis, library programme director of FOKAL described the situation. The national library, which was the least badly hit of Haiti's three major libraries, is due to reopen soon. However, of the other two, one needs to be repaired and the other was totally destroyed in the earthquake. Read their report on the IFLA website to find out more about the situation for Haiti's libraries and the challenges they are facing.

The conference also heard about the recent visit to Haiti of IFLA's president, Ellen Tise and Ingrid Parent, IFLA's president-elect. Tise and Parent spoke about how impressed they were to see the dedication of the Haitian people in rebuilding destroyed buildings. During the visit, Tise, representing ICBS, co-signed an agreement with the Haitian Government to support restoration and initiatives for temporary library services and improving of professional skills in Haiti.