Tizra partners with CDC

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Chicago Distribution Center (CDC) has signed an agreement with Tizra that will enable CDC publishers to sell subscriptions to online books.

The joint venture will pilot in summer 2008 with the University of Chicago Press and other CDC publishers and will use the services of Bibliovault, the CDC’s digital repository for not-for- profit publishers.

‘The demand for access to scholarly content online is increasing both in the academic community and among the general public,’ reported Carol Kasper, marketing director of the books division at Chicago. ‘Bibliovault is a cooperative venture between members of the scholarly publishing community, and the University of Chicago Press is very pleased that it can be used to facilitate online access to Chicago content and that of our CDC client presses.’

The CDC/Tizra service will combine the data conversion, shopping cart, print fulfillment, e-commerce and reporting systems of the CDC with the web publishing and delivery capabilities of the Tizra Agile PDFTM hosted application. The result will allow CDC publishers seamless online marketing and merchandising. Agile PDF creates branded web sites, while collaboration with the CDC enables publishers to integrate sales reporting for online and print publications.