Thomson Reuters collaborates with Latvia education ministry

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The Intellectual Property and Science business of Thomson Reuters has announced a collaboration with the Republic of Latvia’s Ministry of Education and Science.

The company says the relationship will enable Latvian researchers to uncover new theories, spot emerging trends, evaluate their work within the international research landscape and understand commercial opportunities through Thomson Reuters Web of Science Citation Connection, the full Web of Science offering including the premier search and discovery platform for the sciences, social sciences and arts and humanities.

The collaboration is also aimed at supporting the nation’s 39 scientific research institutions with trusted data to measure research output and benchmark performance at the individual, departmental and global levels, and to produce better-informed decisions to drive the future success of research programs.
'We are excited to be working with Thomson Reuters to increase the visibility of the important research being produced by Latvian scientists,' said Agrita Kiopa, deputy state secretary, director of the Department of Science, Technology and Innovation. 'Common access to Web of Science and InCites data will offer our researchers and institutions the critical data and performance metrics needed to enhance their position within the global scholarly research community and to find greater opportunities for collaboration.'
'Latvia’s Ministry of Education and Science, like many institutions worldwide, recognises the growing need to simultaneously advance the work of their scientists and researchers and measure their efforts on a global scale,' said Jessica Turner, global head of Thomson Reuters Government & Academia. 'We are honoured to help Latvia’s scientific institutions remain on top of the latest research trends while improving the global impact and performance of their research efforts.'