Taylor & Francis partners with Figshare for supplementary data

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The publisher Taylor & Francis is parnering with Figshare, an online repository that enables researchers to host, publish and share all their research securely.

From today, authors who publish with Taylor & Francis journals will see their supplemental material in a new online format, say the partners. Now tables, datasets, filesets, videos and graphs will become instantly viewable on Taylor & Francis Online, easily discoverable from search engines and quickly hosted on Figshare.

In addition, authors will also be able to share this material more easily and track usage through Figshare’s metric functions. Every file uploaded to Figshare promises to be easily citable (with a DataCite DOI allocated at the point of publication) and will be stored under a Creative Commons licence. For every item on Figshare there will also be a link back to its corresponding article on Taylor & Francis Online, so not only is the supplemental content more discoverable, so is the article.

David Green, global publishing director for journals at Taylor & Francis, commented, 'We’re delighted to be able to bring this innovative service to authors and to anyone with an interest in research, whether they are working within or outside the academic and scientific communities. Using Figshare will enable us to make supplementary material, which is fundamental to the research process, discoverable to all, in as usable a fashion as possible. Simply by keying in a simple term to a search engine users will be able to unearth a wealth of data, aiding future research and increasing the visibility of authors’ work.'

The initiative begins with 468 articles across 12 journals on the Taylor & Francis Environment and Agriculture list. From 30 January all new journal articles with supplemental material will automatically be uploaded to Figshare.

Figshare also has similar partnerships with PLOS and F1000.