Symplectic helps Natural History Museum with research information management

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The UK's Natural History Museum has chosen Symplectic to provide its first integrated research information management system. Symplectic’s information management software, Elements, is already in use at some of the world’s top academic and research institutions and promises to allow the museum to collect, manage and report on the research carried out by the 850 staff employed at the institution.

The Natural History Museum houses over 70 million natural history specimens, including six million rare books and an extensive collection of specimens collected by Charles Darwin during his research career, amongst many more. Elements should help staff at the museum to reduce the time spent collecting bibliographic data, maintaining records of their research activity and enable the automatic population of their public facing web profiles.

'I am delighted that we are working with such a prestigious institution,' said Jonathan Breeze, CEO of Symplectic. 'As our first museum client, the NHM will provide us with a unique perspective and we look forward to collaborating with the NHM team on future product developments.'