Springer provides e-book and book services to Atlantis Press

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Springer is now responsible for production, marketing and distribution for the French scientific publishing house Atlantis Press. Atlantis Press will continue to develop its own programme of books, primarily in the fields of computer science, mathematics and physics, and will still use the Atlantis Press imprint.

Under the agreement, Springer will handle both the company’s backlist and its future publications. All new Atlantis Press titles will continue to be published in print form. They will also be available as e-books on Springer’s internet platform and will be marketed as part of Springer’s eBook collections.

Springer is responsible for producing the printed books in PTO format. The metadata for the individual titles, such as ISBN, title and author, will allow them to be clearly identified as Atlantis Press titles and can be located quickly on the Springer website.

Zeger Karssen, director and publisher of Atlantis Press, said: 'This strong partnership with Springer will benefit Atlantis Press and its authors, because our books will be channeled through Springer’s excellent worldwide marketing and sales network. At the same time, we can take advantage of Springer’s innovative production and eBook distribution systems. This will make our books accessible in any format to millions of readers worldwide.'