Springer chooses Compuware APM

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Springer has selected Compuware APM's DynaTrace as its application performance management (APM) solution.

With Compuware DynaTrace, Springer hopes to be able to engineer performance early in the development of new services, and quickly pinpoint the source of performance bottlenecks in its online library applications. Using Compuware dynaTrace, Springer expects to significantly improve the responsiveness of its subscription portal and optimise the experience for end-users.

Springer isĀ said to haveĀ identified the need for a new-generation APM solution when it began to migrate from its older third-party platform to a new system. The online portal, now built in-house, is designed to provide end-users with easier and faster access to publications.

Aiming to bring new features and functionality to the market as quickly as possible while delivering the best user experience, Springer chose to develop the new application in Scala. With this approach, application coding is up to three times shorter than traditional programming languages.

'At a critical point in the development of our new SpringerLink platform, which is a modern Scala-based application environment backed by a MarkLogic Enterprise NoSQL store, Springer had an urgent need to identify the bottlenecks in its systems,' said Ross Heritage, chief architect at Springer.

'Compuware was able to quickly conduct a proof of concept (POC) that showed that the DynaTrace product would allow our software developers to identify the slowest components in our platform, giving details down to a code level. DynaTrace allows our software developers to target and address these problem areas, thereby helping researchers in ever greater numbers all over the world to access vital information on SpringerLink much more quickly.'