SPARC Europe and DRIVER promote repositories

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As part of the LIBER 37th Annual Conference, SPARC Europe and DRIVER have signed an agreement to work together on promoting repositories.

Both organisations confirmed the need for cooperation in order to progress and enhance the provision, visibility and application of European research outputs through digital repositories, in systems providing access to texts, data or other types of content.

David Prosser, director of SPARC Europe said: ’Europe is well placed to take a leading role internationally in the development of institutional repositories. A combination of institutional interest, progressive policies from funding bodies, and strong support from the European Commission creates perfect conditions to foster an open research environment. DRIVER is a key component in underpinning the European repository infrastructure and we are very pleased to cement our already close relationship by signing this agreement.’

DRIVER (Digital Repository Infrastructure Vision for European Research) is a joint initiative of European stakeholders, co-financed by the European Commission, setting up a technical infrastructure for digital repositories and facilitating the building of an umbrella organisation for digital repositories.