Showcase start-ups nominated by Elsevier and LeWeb

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Elsevier and LeWeb have announced the 15 shortlisted start-ups that are being given the opportunity to showcase their work as part of this year’s LeWeb Tech conference in Paris.

Victor Henning, VP of strategy at Elsevier and CEO/co-founder of Mendeley, a research start-up acquired by Elsevier in 2013, said he is looking to pave the way for a new generation of science start-ups: 'We want to bring together the most exciting research startups - the ones that build tools for the best minds of our generation.'
Four of the selected start-ups are UK-based. They include: Kudos, a web-based service that helps researchers, their institutions and funders to maximise the visibility and impact of their published articles; Newsflo, a media monitoring service for research institutions; Overleaf, a collaborative science publication system which makes the process of writing and editing scientific papers quicker for both authors and publishers; and Sparrho, which aggregates and distils the best and most appropriate scientific discoveries, without one having to search.
The shortlist also includes:

  • Expernova (France) – 'An innovation search engine';
  • LabFolder (Germany) – 'A digital lab notebook';
  • Monocl (Sweden) – 'Intuitive analytics for life science professionals';
  • (USA) – 'An up-to-date crowd-sourced repository of science methods';
  • Publons (New Zealand) – 'Turning peer review into a measurable research output';
  • Science Exchange (USA) – 'A marketplace for scientific collaboration, where researchers can order experiments from the world’s best labs';
  • Sciencescape (Canada) – 'Discover and share breaking research from the world’s scientific pioneers and innovators';
  • Shazino (France) – 'Next-gen web & mobile apps for smart scientists';
  • Standard Analytics (USA) – 'Organising the world’s scientific information';
  • The Winnower (USA) – 'DIY scientific publishing'; and
  • Transcriptic (USA) – 'On-demand, robotic cloud laboratory for molecular and cell biology research'.

The conference takes place at Eurosites Les Docks, Paris, from 9 to 11 December.