See you at the Frankfurt Book Fair

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Research Information is returning to the Frankfurt Book Fair in person for the first time in three years. Here are some of the key highlights that we think will be the most relevant for the scholarly research community and some information on updates from us during the event.

While you are there, look out for these key themes

  1. Beyond publishers 

In recent years, the ways in which authors disseminate their research have sparked highly innovative methods of creation, expanding what books, publishing and reading encompasses today:

  • Authors are building their digital footprint

  • Cooperation between digital platforms and retailers have become well established practices

  • New business models have emerged, as Research Information recently covered

  1. A focus on Ukraine 

Carried out with support from Germany’s Federal Foreign Office, there will be a special programme that brings together publishers, editors, licencing managers etc. from Armenia, Azerbaijan, the Czech Republic, Georgia, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Ukraine. 

In addition, the academic journal OSTEUROPA (Berlin) is dedicating its special issue on “Culture in Times of War” to the topic of Ukraine, which will cover topics including an analysis of the book market where publishers from Kharkiv, Kyiv und Lviv report on producing books in times of war. 

  1. Current data and accessibility

At the Publishing Perspectives Forum Expert talks, leaders from the global publishing industry will discuss challenges and analyse trends transforming the sector. Specifically of interest is the talk on ‘How the Article-Based Economy is Transforming Research Publishing’.

Academic publishing is changing significantly as its operating system moves towards the new realities of an article-based economy. A major driver of this change is open access. New players are entering the field, new ways of working are evolving, patterns in searching and discovering content are changing, and new intermediaries are emerging to support the changing requirements. The panel will look at the evolving landscape of scholarly publishing from the perspective of all relevant stakeholder groups.

  1. Spotlight on Africa 

With its own collective stand and a seminar for publishing professionals, the International Publishers Association is focusing on book industries and reading promotion in various African nations. Selected projects of the Africa Publishing Innovation Fund will be featured during the event. The seminar on Thursday, 20 October (10.00 am to 1.30 pm) will examine a number of topics, including making publishing more inclusive, the library landscape and access to books in African countries, especially during the pandemic. 

   5. Frankfurt Book Fair received the Julius Campe Prize

The Frankfurt Book Fair is the international publishing industry’s largest trade fair and a cross-sector meeting place for individuals and organisations from the fields of education, film, games, academia and specialised information. Hoffmann Und Campe is awarding the 2022 Julius Campe Prize to the Frankfurt Book Fair for its services to literature. The award ceremony will take place at the Frankfurt Book Fair, in the Frankfurt Pavilion

More from Research Information

 The event is set to be an exciting time, so be sure to check for updates from the team at Research Information. You can find us on LinkedIn and Twitter (@researchinfo), where we will be posting highlights from Wednesday 19 to Friday 21.

See you there!