Scotland HE signs citation connection deal with Thomson Reuters

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The Scottish Higher Education Digital Library (SHEDL) and Thomson Reuters have agreed a five-year deal to advance the global impact of Scotland’s research efforts through citation connections within the Web of Science.

The collaboration between Thomson Reuters and SHEDL, a cooperative comprising Scotland’s universities and research institutions, should enable researchers in Scotland to uncover new theories, spot emerging trends and evaluate their work within the global research landscape with a comprehensive view into possible funding opportunities from one platform.

'Our strategic alliance with Thomson Reuters will provide Scotland’s universities and research institutions with a single unified platform to support and measure all research activities in an efficient manner,' said Richard Parsons, chair of SHEDL and CIO at the University of Dundee. 'These tools will be critical in helping extend Scotland’s global research footprint and enabling common access throughout Scotland to ensure that our research collaborations can prosper.' 

Jisc Collections worked with Thomson Reuters and SHEDL to facilitate this effective collaboration. 'We were happy to work with Thomson Reuters and SHEDL on this exciting agreement,' said Carolyn Alderson, acting head of Licensing at Jisc Collections. 'The ability to use the wealth of scholarly content and analytical tools from Thomson Reuters will help Scotland’s institutions expand their global reach and support their significant efforts in scientific research.'