SCOAP3 to start on 1 January 2014

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The SCOAP3 open-access publishing initiative in high-energy physics will start on 1 January 2014. The initiative has support of partners in 24 countries and includes 11 international publishers.

Elsevier, IOP Publishing and Springer, together with their publishing partners, have been working with the network of SCOAP3 national contact points and reductions in subscription fees for thousands of participating libraries worldwide have been arranged, making funds available for libraries to support SCOAP3.

'International cooperation and dissemination of information have been enshrined in the CERN Convention for sixty years,' said CERN director general Rolf Heuer. 'I am proud that we have leveraged CERN’s convening power and made such an unprecedented Open Access initiative a reality. I am indebted to all those leaders in libraries, funding agencies, the publishing industry who have accompanied us on this path. This is their success, and we look forward to welcoming more collaborators to this global initiative.'

'This is the culmination of a fascinating journey,' said Salvatore Mele, head of open access at CERN and leader of the SCOAP3 project. 'In the last few years we have built consensus and trust between all parties: libraries, funding agencies and publishers, at the service of scientists in the field of High-Energy Physics and beyond. Most importantly, we have nurtured a community of partners, making a real difference, enhancing the open access movement and the publishing industry.'