ScienceOpen implements Altmetric to rank 10 million articles

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ScienceOpen, the research and publishing network, has partnered with Altmetric to provide visibility into the mainstream media, policy and social media references to more than 10 million academic article records on its platform, allowing literature searches to be sorted by the Altmetric score.

Search results on ScienceOpen are now fully filterable by both article citations and Altmetric scores, as well as a range of other parameters. This functionality empowers researchers to find relevant content from about two million new scientific articles published each year.

Traditionally citations are used to measure the impact of a published idea. Alternative article metrics also track its dissemination and give some measurement of quantity and reach of online attention. Together they give a fuller picture of the 'digital footprint' of an article.
Stephanie Dawson, CEO of ScienceOpen said, 'The Altmetric score is a powerful indicator of attention. The online activity it represents accumulates much more rapidly than citations, and takes into account interest from outside the scientific community that might otherwise be overlooked. By adding this as a search and filter criteria, ScienceOpen can provide users with yet another way to get the most out of their literature search.'  

Euan Adie, founder and CEO of Altmetric, said he is looking forward to the results of this project: 'It’s great that ScienceOpen are enabling researchers to easily see which articles within their field are generating a lot of attention online. We’re really interested to see how the use of this new functionality develops.'