Sage launches free course in ChatGPT literacy

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Sage has launched a free online course to develop users’ proficiency in ChatGPT.

The Art of ChatGPT Interactions is taught by Dr. Leo S. Lo, Dean of the College of University Libraries and Learning Sciences at the University of New Mexico. In the course, Dr. Lo provides instruction on AI prompting and demonstrates how users can leverage this knowledge to create high-quality prompt outputs and dialogues on ChatGPT.

"Sage is exploring the potential applications of generative AI in academia and research, and we’re excited to offer this course as an initial step in assisting students in harnessing this technology," said Rachel Crookes, associate director of Sage Campus. "We’re thrilled about our ongoing collaboration with Dr. Lo to empower learners in the effective and ethical use of generative AI tools."

The two-hour course provides information on prompt building, ethical artificial intelligence usage, and implementing the CLEAR framework (Concise, Logical, Explicit, Adaptive, and Reflective) in generating relevant and helpful responses. Dr. Lo guides users in creating prompts that are concise, logical, and explicit, ensuring quality output that is consistent, coherent, and contextually relevant. He developed the CLEAR framework, which is geared towards optimising interactions with generative AI language models at the beginner level and nurturing the critical thinking necessary to anticipate the challenges and opportunities of AI-generated materials.

The course is freely available for anyone to access through Sage Campus, an online courses platform. Additionally, Lean Library, a browser extension for academics offered by Technology from Sage, has integrated with Sage Campus to display the course via the extension pop-up when users navigate to the ChatGPT website or domain. This allows libraries that subscribe to Lean Library to provide AI training directly to their patrons in their time of need.

"At Technology from Sage, we believe that academic libraries, with their expertise in information literacy, will play a crucial role in the effective application of AI in learning and research," said Matt Hayes, managing director of Technology from Sage. “The integration of Lean Library with Sage Campus enables libraries to embed their own resources into AI tools that their patrons use."

Sage and Dr. Lo are currently collaborating on a course on integrating generative AI tools into social science research. That course is expected to be available on the Sage Campus platform in 2025.

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