RLUK joins The European Library

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The UK consortium of scholarly libraries, Research Libraries UK (RLUK), has joined The European Library, a membership organisation that provides researchers with access to more than 200 million records and digital items from all of Europe’s national libraries and a growing number of research libraries.

The new cooperation will allow for the ingestion of data from RLUK’s member libraries into The European Library portal. This should provide researchers with greater access to digital items and bibliographic records held by these libraries. The data provided by RLUK will also be disseminated via The European Library’s API and developers will be able to create applications to search and display this data.

The data provided by RLUK will also be made available as Linked Open Data. This is part of The European Library’s aim of working with its members to expose a set of their combined bibliographic metadata as a CC0 dataset - a dataset openly available for any type of reuse. RLUK’s valuable data will now be integrated into the larger European Library set, thereby providing a rich source of reusable knowledge from Europe’s most prestigious libraries.