Ringgold and DataSalon partner to analyse publishers' customer data

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Ringgold and DataSalon are partnering to combine Ringgold’s Identify database and DataSalon’s MasterVision platform. This is hoped to provide publishers with a complete solution to analyse their existing customer base and target the most appropriate new sales prospects.

Identify from Ringgold is a hierarchical reference database of organisations subscribing to electronic journals. This includes essential information about location, size, and subject specialties. DataSalon’s MasterVision is a web-based system that cleans and integrates every source of customer information held by a publisher (including subscribers, authors, alerts and e-commerce). It then creates a complete ‘single customer view’ for each contact with visual reports, charts and maps, including detailed management dashboards.

Ringgold and DataSalon are already working together for several  publishers, including Oxford University Press in the UK and the American Medical Association in the USA.