Researchfish swims with Thomson Reuters

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Researchfish, a research outcome tracking platform, is collaborating with Thomson Reuters to add enhanced publication data from the Web of Science, the search and discovery platform for natural sciences, social sciences and humanities.

Researchfish enables all funders of research to capture, analyse, report and share the impact of their awards. When researchers using Researchfish are looking for publications to add to their portfolio they can now take advantage of enhanced publication searching facilities which includes the Web of Science online resource.

Using web services to communicate between Researchfish and Web of Science, researchers are able to ensure that publications indexed in the Web of Science can be included in their Researchfish portfolio.

Mark Connelly, CEO of Researchfish, said: 'The inclusion of the Web of Science adds a major resource to our global platform, enabling even more authenticated publication data to be attributed to the funding grant, driving the solution forward and making life easier for our 63,000 users.'

'We’re delighted to collaborate with Researchfish to provide access to the comprehensively indexed research available in the Web of Science,' said Emmanuel Thiveaud, head of government and funders at Thomson Reuters IP & Science.

'This new integration will give academic researchers and funding organisations greater access to scientific information and will help them with activity reporting and program evaluation activities across the spectrum of the research landscape.'