Researchers: test your impact awareness!

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Kudos has developed a light-hearted quiz for researchers to test their awareness and understanding of research impact, and compare themselves with other researchers – in terms of their knowledge about how research impact is built, and the effectiveness of their current efforts to increase the reach and impact of their work.

The circus-themed quiz acts as a starting point to help researchers increase their understanding of how to maximise the likelihood of research found, read, cited and applied by a broader audience.

Lauren McNeill, marketing manager at Kudos, explains the importance of helping researchers understand the role they play in making their research more discoverable.

'The emphasis on research impact is growing, but not all researchers feel they have the support they need to maximise the chances of their work having impact. "Test your research impact muscles" is designed to help researchers learn what they currently do well, areas they can potentially improve on, and how free services like Kudos can help support them.

'The game is designed to be a fun approach to thinking more about how research is disseminated – and for researchers to discover how their efforts compare to those of their peers.' 

The quiz,, comprises 11 multiple-choice questions and offers prizes for both individual participants and institutions. It will be available until the end of 2017.