Research Square working with Nature on video solution

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Research Square has announced its new Video Summaries solution to help researchers disseminate their work more easily to a broader audience.

The solution provides scientists with digital assets including a custom-made video animation, a written lay summary, audio files, and keywords for search engine optimisation.

'The research community is under increasing pressure to show the broader implications of its work, whether you’re a scientist conducting research or the organisation providing the grant to fund that research,' said Dr. Laura Stemmle, product manager for Research Square’s post-publication services.

'The information consumption landscape has also changed drastically. There is less time to consume information, and it’s being consumed across multiple forms of media – videos, podcasts, infographics, blog posts, and short-form text content. We’re offering the Video Summaries solution to help the research community effectively communicate its work outside of the traditional research paper, both to other scientists and to the public.”

Research Square began investigating ways to better communicate scientific research alongside Nature Publishing Group (NPG), and the two organisations are currently undertaking a collaborative trial involving free audio-visual summaries of selected articles from Nature research journals