Research Square videos available via MyScienceWork

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Research Square has announced a partnership with MyScienceWork to make its 'Video Summaries' solution available to research institutions.

Through this partnership, universities and other institutions will be able to purchase Video Summaries to highlight the research on their MyScienceWork Polaris platform. Polaris is a digital platform that helps institutions promote their full collection of scholarship, connect with outside researchers, and monitor the influence and impact of their research.

'We know that research institutions are always looking for new ways to raise their public profile and highlight the incredible new findings discovered on campus,' said Laura Stemmle, product manager for Research Square’s post-publication services.

'Our Video Summaries help make research more accessible to a broad audience, providing an engaging new format that’s easy to consume and share. MyScienceWork is a leader in addressing the needs of research institutions, including enhancing their impact on society, and we are delighted to be able to provide our Video Summaries as part of Polaris’s communication services.'

Each Video Summary consists of a three- to four-minute animated video with voiceover that summarises the context for a particular research project, its key findings, and its implications for future studies. Once created, Video Summaries are freely accessible on YouTube and provided to the study’s authors for sharing on their own websites, in talks, and more.

Research Square developed the Video Summaries in collaboration with Nature Publishing Group (NPG), and an early trial involving summaries for several NPG journals brought encouraging results that indicate the potential for video content to boost views and sharing of published research papers.

'Polaris is a powerful tool for research institutions to increase their visibility among the research community, potential employees, and the public,' said Dr. Laurence Bianchini, chief operating officer at MyScienceWork. 'Research Square’s Video Summaries are a nice complement to the popular science pieces that we already write and disseminate, especially given the growing popularity of video content in today’s digital age.'