Research illustrates dramatic growth in corporate use of ebooks

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The use of ebooks in corporate settings is increasing dramatically in enterprises, according to research by FreePint, the international analyst group.

Overall penetration of ebooks in enterprise settings is now approaching 80 per cent, the research illustrates, with a strong appetite for this growth to continue over the next two years. By way of comparison, 95 per cent of US academic libraries include ebooks as a service offering and have done for the past three years.

In manufacturing and biotech/pharmaceutical industries respondents reported adoption rates of 91 per cent, with legal services 73 per cent and professional services 60 per cent.

Some 35 per cent of respondents reported that use had increased significantly in the last two years, while 40 per cent expect there to be significant usage growth over the next two years.

The proliferation of multiple smart devices has undoubtedly fuelled ebook adoption, allowing information to be accessed from the user's own device, from a fixed point PC or other corporate device. However, respondents reported that the most-used device for accessing ebooks is the desktop computer.