Research data could become inaccessible

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The constraints are as significant as the opportunities when it comes to publishing, locating and accessing research data, according to a new report from the Research Information Network (RIN).

The report revealed that potentially useful research data is at risk of inaccessibility in the long-term, and there is no consistent approach to assessing and assuring the scholarly content or usability of the datasets being published today. It also found that further progress in data management policies and practice is required before the full potential of data can be realised.

Based on the results of over 100 detailed interviews with researchers across eight subject areas, ‘To Share or Not to Share: Publication and Quality Assurance of Research Data Outputs’ reveals whether researchers are making their data available to others, and the issues they are encountering when and if they do so. The study was supported by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) and JISC.