Reprints Desk deal with Copyright Licensing Agency

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Research Solutions has announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary Reprints Desk has partnered with The Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA), enhancing copyright compliance and providing quick look-up of permissions for Reprints Desk customers with a CLA copyright license.

As part of the agreement, Reprints Desk has integrated CLA’s Check Permissions API into Article Galaxy Widget, the company’s bookmarklet for PubMed, Google Scholar and 70-plus other discovery websites.

CLA’s Check Permissions tool searches a database of millions of publications, including books, journals, magazines and websites, giving users a solution to confirm whether a title is covered under their CLA license and what can be copied, shared or re-used. CLA is the recognised UK collective rights licensing body, and its Check Permissions search tool currently handles 150,000 searches every month.

With CLA’s Check Permissions API, Reprints Desk customers can instantly access publications and check copyright permissions from within the Article Galaxy Widget. Reprints Desk’s Article Galaxy Widget is a web application that is injected into any web page via browser bookmark and extracts citations from discovery websites for simplified viewing, enabling researchers to access, purchase or rent documents directly from their search results on PubMed or Google Scholar.

'We are delighted to be partnering with Reprints Desk to enable more licensed customers’ fast and easy access to the content they need, safe in the knowledge that they are being copyright compliant,' said James Bennett, head of rights and licensing at CLA. 'By integrating our unique repertoire data with third party services, like Reprints Desk’s Article Galaxy Widget, we are able to streamline workflows for our licensees and help simplify copyright.'

'Reprints Desk’s partnership with CLA delivers a breakthrough in compliance and research efficiency for U.K. knowledge workers,' adds Scott Ahlberg, chief operations officer at Reprints Desk. 'Article Galaxy Widget saves time for users by simplifying their ability to legally acquire and view re-use of copyrighted information at the point of discovery.'