Reprints Desk comes top in Outsell survey

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Reprints Desk was rated first in all four categories of customer satisfaction in a recently published Outsell survey ‘Document Delivery - Best Practices and Vendor Scorecard’.

Conducted by Outsell the study analysed and rated document delivery vendors and found that Reprints Desk came first for depth and breadth of coverage, fair pricing, customer-centricity and ease of doing business.

The study was undertaken in response to information managers continually being challenged by copyright compliance and the distribution and process management of single articles, patents, and other documents.

Joanne Lustig, vice president and lead analyst at Outsell and author of the study, said: ‘Information professionals believe that document delivery is among their five most valuable and important services and they are increasingly opting for outsourcing in lieu of deep intermediation. Full service providers free up library staff for more valuable tasks while enabling the library to continue providing this key service.’

The Outsell study draws attention to the confusing and frustrating landscape of varying requirements for digital rights management (DRM). Users prefer to receive a consistent product, preferably PDFs, but the various protective measures employed by publishers lead to a very uneven user experience.