Removing cost barriers for smaller publishers

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Get Full Text Research (GetFTR) is has welcomed Edinburgh University Press (EUP) and Wageningen Academic Publishers to the service under the new  “free tier” programme that removes the cost barrier for smaller publishers.

EUP and Wageningen Academic Publishers are the first to benefit from GetFTRs decision to waive the service fees for publishers who have less than 40,000 article DOIs registered with Crossref. This is all part of GetFTR’s commitment to improving the journey from discovery to access, and to support publishers in helping their researchers quickly reach content they are entitled to read.

Sarah McDonald, Head of Journals at Edinburgh University Press says, 'We are always looking for ways to maximise access to our content and have been interested in the service that GetFTR offers for some time. We would like to thank both Atypon for facilitating the implementation of the service on our journals platform and GetFTR for giving us the opportunity to access it at no cost.'

Enrico Kunst, Technical Director of Wageningen Academic Publishers comments, 'The whole process of getting GetFTR set up within the Atypon platform was so quick and easy. All we had to do was sign the agreement and the rest was done for us. It was a very easy decision for us as there was practically nothing to be done from our end. We could only see benefits. We look forward to offering our researchers a more streamlined research experience.'

The free programme is currently offered to all publishers that have less than 40,000 DOIs and that use a journals platform that supports GetFTR such as Atypon or Silverchair, with others set to join later in the year. Dianne Benham, Product Lead for GetFTR says, 'GetFTR is an industry initiative that is designed to support all publishers in helping improve access to their content. We were delighted to work with Atypon on behalf of these two publishers and appreciate their support in helping facilitate access to the service on behalf of their clients'

Patrick Hargitt, Senior Director of Product Management at Atypon says, 'We are delighted to see more and more publishers joining GetFTR. We strongly recommend it to all of our customers as they can only benefit from increased discoverability of their content, and we have worked closely with the GetFTR product team to make their onboarding as simple as it can be.'

GetFTR is keen to encourage smaller publishers who are also clients of Atypon or Silverchair to get in touch to discuss the free tier initiative.