Recommendations improve OpenURL data supply

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UKSG and NISO have released the first report by the KBART (Knowledge Bases And Related Tools) Working Group. This is a joint initiative that is exploring data problems within the OpenURL supply chain. The report from Phase 1 of the KBART project gives practical recommendations for the timely exchange of accurate metadata between content providers and knowledge base developers.

The KBART Recommended Practice report provides guidance about the role of metadata within the OpenURL linking standard. It also recommends data formatting and exchange guidelines for publishers, aggregators, agents, technology vendors, and librarians to adhere to when exchanging information about their respective content holdings.

'Six years after NISO's ratification of the OpenURL standard (ANSI/NISO Z39.88-2004), many stakeholders in the information supply chain still have a limited understanding of how best to share data to maximize the value of OpenURL linking,' says Peter McCracken, NISO co-chair of the KBART Working Group (Phase I).

The KBART Working Group will soon start on Phase II of the project. This will build on the foundation phase to address more complex data issues, including different types of content, emerging business models, and customised licensing.