Readers encouraged to take Semantico survey

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Readers of Research Information are being encouraged to take part in a market survey being carried out by digital publishing solutions company Semantico.

The company says the aim of this survey is: to provide a baseline for measuring change in the publishing landscape; to enable decision makers in the publishing industry to gain a reliable overview of what peers and partners are thinking with regards to access and entitlement management; to provide an overview of how the wider industry is being affected by these rapid technological developments; and to start to identify the way publishers envision the future for access and entitlement management.

Tasha Mellins-Cohen, director of product and marketing at Semantico, said: 'The way the world engages with content has been developing dramatically over the last few years and continues to do so at a rapid pace. We are all consumers both in and out of the office, across multiple devices and channels on a near-constant basis, at any time, in any location.

'This sea change in personal information consumption impacts on publishers across the board. For the most part, that change would appear to be being embraced, but the routes to that change and the pace that route is being travelled varies wildly between organisations.'

The survey, which should take just a few minutes to complete, is here.