Publishers adds more resources to UN programmes

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Elsevier is adding 780 of its science and technology e-books to Research4Life, the name for the UN’s three programmes to provide researchers in developing countries with free or low-cost access to research information.

‘An educated citizenry is the single most important natural resource for any nation,’ said Suzanne BeDell, managing director of Elsevier Science & Technology Books. ‘We, our staff and our authors, are proud to make available our SciVerse ScienceDirect electronic books through Research4Life to so many scientists and other information professionals working to improve the quality of life in their countries.’

Wiley-Blackwell is also making an additional 88 journals and 24 non-journal resources available through the Research4Life programmes. With the latest move, 85 per cent of Wiley-Blackwell journals will be available through at least one of the Research4Life programmes. The non-journal reference resources available include Essential Evidence Plus, all Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews and all Current Protocols.