PubFactory works with Altmetric

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Online publishing platform PubFactory has partnered with data science company Altmetric to provide real-time insights into the latest shares, mentions and engagement relating to individual publications – enabling authors, readers, and editors to gather a more comprehensive view of the reach and influence of research.

The Altmetric badge visualisations and associated details pages offer additional context and a much more immediate source of feedback on how a publication has been received.

'Working with Altmetric makes sense as we continue to strengthen PubFactory’s support for author services. We view Altmetric not just as a support for publishers in assessing the impact of their content across scholarly and commercial channels, but also as a service to the research community in understanding how content is being used post-publication, its continuing impact, and the context of that impact,' said Jose Fossi, vice president for client services at PubFactory.

Kathy Christian, chief operations officer for Altmetric, added: 'We are thrilled to partner with PubFactory to provide Altmetric for PubFactory publishers and their authors. This data provides a much more complete picture of how an item has been disseminated amongst a broader audience, and enables authors to immediately track and quantify the influence of their work.'

PubFactory’s technology platform and publishing services have been adopted by publishers including OUP, DeGruyter, Brill, and the IMF. It hosts more than 1,400 journals and 400,000 books along with reference works, databases, and other content types.