ProQuest and Ex Libris work together

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ProQuest and Ex Libris Group have announced a collaboration to make their key services work better together. The aim is to improve user experience and support customer choice.

The most immediate benefit for mutual customers will be the indexing of dozens of ProQuest’s most widely-used content databases in the Ex Libris Primo Central Index of scholarly electronic resources. When the first stage of work is completed, ProQuest’s ebrary and EBL-Ebook Library collections will become discoverable by all Primo Central users as well.
Although ProQuest's Summon discovery solution already includes this content for its many customers, enabling its full indexing in Primo Central will further enhance its discoverability to users of the Ex Libris Primo discovery and delivery solution, say the companies.

The companies will also work together to identify and investigate additional points of integration with their respective library management software solutions. A result of this will be that users of the Ex Libris Alma unified resource management service, and libraries using the Voyager or Aleph integrated library system will be able to deploy ProQuest’s Summon to make their library collections discoverable, just as Primo can be accessed by ProQuest management customers. As part of this new initiative, the companies will focus on improving those interactions and further enhance the user experience across their respective discovery and library management solutions.
‘This agreement with ProQuest is an important step forward for Ex Libris and the 2,000-strong community of Primo institutions, and furthers our promotion of content-neutral discovery,’ said Matti Shem Tov, Ex Libris president and CEO. ‘Enabling Primo Central users to discover and access the extensive scholarly materials contained in ProQuest’s journals and e-books collections will improve the discovery experience for millions of students and researchers worldwide. At the same time, the streamlined library management processes offered through enhanced integration of ProQuest services with Alma will boost the efficiency of library operations for the growing Alma community.’
‘ProQuest is accelerating the interoperability of its products and services on all fronts,’ added Kurt Sanford, ProQuest’s CEO. ‘We’re aiming to ensure that no matter where a researcher starts, connecting with our content is simple and seamless. When users start with a ProQuest service, we want to be sure that they can go anywhere and discover any content effortlessly.’