Projects look at enhancing publications

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SURFfoundation of the Netherlands is funding six projects that aim to enhance scholarly publications.

The new projects will allow researchers from a variety of disciplines to go beyond traditional scientific publications by sharing datasets, illustrations, audio files, and musical scores with fellow researchers in the context of Enhanced Publications.The six projects began in January 2011 and the researchers will submit the results of their projects in May 2011. The experience they gain is hoped to provide further examples showing the added value of publishing in the context of Enhanced Publications.

The six projects will take place within five disciplines:
• Economics: Open Data and Publications
• Linguistics: Lenguas de Bolivia and Enhanced NIAS Publications
• Musicology: The Other Josquin
• Communication sciences: Enhancing Scholarly Publishing in the Humanities and Social Sciences
• Geosciences: VPcross

According to SURFfoundation, two previous grants rounds for Enhanced Publications have already generated tools, standards and agreements, recommendations for storage, and expertise and experience among numerous researchers and bodies that support research.