PLOS works with Peerage of Science

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Two PLOS journals are the first to use a new Connect feature in Peerage of Science. The feature, which is being used by PLOS Biology and PLOS ONE, enables authors to submit to these journals directly from the Export menu in their own manuscript view.

Damian Pattinson, editorial director of PLOS ONE, explained why the publisher is working with this feature from Peerage of Science: 'PLOS supports efforts that experiment with independent peer review to streamline the publishing process. We welcome innovative approaches, and look forward to receiving submissions through Peerage's new Connect feature.'

According to Peerage of Science, when you click a journal logo in your Export menu, your manuscript becomes unavailable for direct offers inside Peerage of Science because it is now under consideration elsewhere. At the same time the editorial team at the chosen journal receives an automated email from Peerage of Science giving them access to the peer-review process, author contact information, and manuscript and revision files. The journal then decides on a case-by case basis how they want to use the peer reviews available at Peerage of Science. 'They may make a decision immediately based on the reviews they already have, or they may want to obtain additional reviews before making a decision. In either case, the journal will contact the authors about how the process continues,' explained Peerage of Science.