Peter Lang to move titles to PubFactory

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Peter Lang is to move all of its journals and books onto PubFactory in Summer 2016.

The move to the PubFactory online publishing platform is aimed at unifying its content and business operations to further strengthen Peter Lang’s academic brand.

For more than 40 years, Peter Lang has published academic research worldwide and has bridged the gap between theory, research, and teaching.
Kelly Shergill, CEO of Peter Lang, said: We are excited to be hosting all of our 55,000+ books and 17+ journals on PubFactory. PubFactory provides Peter Lang with the digital technology to optimise the presentation of our journals and books in a single, unified platform.

‘The cooperation between Pubfactory and Peter Lang has been exceptionally good with both companies having talented teams focusing on the user experience. Peter Lang is an international, multi-language publisher with a significant front list serving a dynamic global market and PubFactory ensures that we can accelerate and adjust as our business evolves.’

Jose Fossi, VP of client services for Safari, added: ‘Today, PubFactory is host to 1,100+ journals and 300,000+ books. We are thrilled to partner with Peter Lang to address their content needs and to support their engagement in new ways with a scholarly community that is more tech savvy than ever.

‘Being a platform developed by publishers, PubFactory delivers not just a technology geared to growth, but also services and solutions to enable interoperability with Klopotek and other publishing software systems. This project takes advantage of both our deep expertise with Klopotek and our ability to bring books and journals together on a single platform.’