Peerage of Science signs up with ORCID

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Peerage of Science has signed a membership agreement with ORCID, the open, non-profit, community-based effort to provide a registry of unique researcher identifiers and a transparent method of linking research activities and outputs to these identifiers.

The peer review service has identified three key ways that it will use ORCID. Firstly, authors using the system will be able to add their ORCID identifier number into their profiles. As the company explains on its website, 'This means that your Peerage of Science account is then unambiguously connected to all your other research works you have listed in your ORCID account, such as publications, grants, and much more, even if your contact information or even name changes over the years. When you give journals an export link to a peer review process of your manuscript, they will be able to unambiguously recognise each ORCID-identified co-author.'

The second potential use is in building account integration. 'If you have an ORCID account which keeps your publication list up-to-date automatically, your Peerage of Science account will be synchronised automatically (with your permission only, of course). That helps to avoid manual work in keeping your affiliation data current,' says the company.

The third potential application is to 'provide a shareable Peerage Reviewer Reputation Report for you, which is automatically updated and (if you want) publicly accessible from your ORCID account as one of your research works'. The company explains that this 'will be a way to show peer-reviewed evidence of your reviewer expertise to the world, and refer to that in your CV, or include it in your grant or job application. Also, ORCID is growing fast, and we hope that in the future you can benefit from a central hub from which to automatically share your updated reviewer resume with many other web services you use.'