Partnership helps bring Chinese research to the world

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Elsevier is strengthening and refocusing the scope of its long-standing relationship with China Science Publishing & Media (CSPM) to create an international publishing platform for English-language STM journals that brings the expanding wealth of research originating from China to the world.

'The joint venture puts Elsevier at the center of services to the burgeoning Chinese research and development (R&D) sector,' said Ron Mobed, Elsevier’s chief executive officer, who accompanied British Prime Minister, David Cameron, as a member of a trade delegation on his recent trip to China. 'China is committing major resources in R&D and is in line to surpass the UK and U.S. to become the world’s largest investor in R&D. This joint venture forges a partnership that enables the creation of a publishing platform that will make the results of that investment more accessible for global researchers.'

Elsevier’s partnership with CSPM, China’s largest STM publisher, began in 2007 as a joint-venture for books services through the joint entity, KeAi Communications (KeAi).

To provide the necessary publishing support for the rapid growth of China’s academic research output in alignment with the Chinese government’s push for greater science and technology development, Elsevier is refocusing its strategic relationship with CSPM by expanding the scope of KeAi’s offering to include publishing services for English-language STM journals and scientific evaluation of China-based journals.

The renewed focus includes putting in place strategic resources for the creation of a high-quality international publishing platform to provide publishing services for English-language STM journals in China and offer scientific evaluation to journals in China.