Panworld and InTech partnership to enhance Middle East academia

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Panworld Education, part of the Panworld Group, has announced a strategic partnership with InTech to push towards a wider dissemination of the latest international scientific advancements in the Middle East region.

Panworld is a technology-based learning and knowledge solutions providers across the entire Middle East region.

As part of its stated goal to support educational institutions, corporates, governments and ministries, as well as various industry sectors with the latest research outputs by the international scientific community, Panworld turned to InTech, a global publisher of science, technology and medicine open access book catalogues.

The formalisation of this partnership took place at this year's London Book Fair in April, where both parties attended and finalised the terms of the partnership agreement.

'This partnership will help us fully deliver on our promise of providing a diversified portfolio of solutions and services to our customer's in the Middle East,' said Gaurav Parwanda, CEO at  Panworld Education. 'We are pleased to expand our relationship with such a rapidly growing and one of the world's largest multidisciplinary open access publisher such as InTech.'

InTech has collaborated with more than 87,770 authors and published more than 2,450 books, helping academics make their work visible to diverse audiences around the world. The main subject areas covered by InTech are engineering, health sciences, life sciences, social sciences and humanities.