OUP and Geological Society of London join GetFTR

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Get Full Text Research (GetFTR) has welcomed two prestigious publishing organisations – Oxford University Press and Geological Society of London – as new partners.   

GetFTR is designed to improve the journey from discovery to access, and to support publishers in helping their researchers quickly reach the latest version of published content they are entitled to read via their institutional subscriptions. GetFTR also provides researchers with access to up-to-date open content including open articles in hybrid journals. 

OUP will include its  books as well as journals in the GetFTR service and would like to ask all discovery services using GetFTR to send entitlement checks for both content types so they can quickly direct readers to content they are entitled to read. Tanya Laplante, Head of Product Platforms, said: “We are delighted to partner with GetFTR and  improve the research journey for our readers across the globe. We are always looking for ways to improve the researcher experience and partnering with GetFTR will ensure that our readers get streamlined access  to content”.

The Geological Society of London benefitted from GetFTR’s Free Tier service which waives the subscription fees for publishers with less than 40,000 DOIs registered with Crossref and working with Atypon, Silverchair or PubFactory as their platform provider..

Dr Maxine Smith, Publishing Platform Manager from The Geological Society of London said “We are very excited to be able to access the benefits of GetFTR with no cost and very little effort. GetFTR will improve the experience for our researchers offering rapid access to Earth science research provided by their institution, fulfilling the Society’s mission to support the Earth science community.  We would like to thank the teams at GetFTR and Atypon for making the process so straightforward”. 

Dianne Benham, Product Director of GetFTR said “This announcement shows that GetFTR is a valuable service for both small and large publishers and can work across content types. We look forward to supporting OUP with their target of streamlining access to both articles and chapters. We are also glad to be able to waive the costs for smaller publishers who would otherwise be unable to afford to enhance the user journey for the researchers”

To find out more about the service, contact Dianne Benham at dianne@getfulltextresearch.com.