Open Index Week launches

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Knowledge for All will host the first Open Index Week, which will be from 24 to 28 October, alongside the international open-access week. Knowledge for All is a global project to open up scholarly journal literature by developing the first open index and search tool of its kind for discovering, sharing and accessing academic journal content. The aim is to develop a single, comprehensive search tool for scholarly journal literature, free for anyone with an internet connection to access, use or customise. The product launch is scheduled for November 2012.

According to Knowledge for All, Open Index Week will be an opportunity for members of the library and academic community to hear the latest project developments and get involved as the project, which has been going for just under a year, continues to move forward.

‘We’ve got a really committed team together with a lot of great energy building around the project - we look forward to having others join in and collaborate to grow it even further’, says Michelle Gruda, the project’s engagement coordinator in Toronto.